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2D and 3D designs

2D and 3D

Our 2D and 3D course is designed to start from the fundamental level, proceeding to intermediate level and subsequently through to the advance level. All you need is to have is a little understanding of IT in order to start the training. At Decke Academy, we have AutoCAD certified trainers with many years of industry experience who would patiently guide you to achieve your goal. Our learning environment is friendly, conducive and equipped with the right instructors.

Price: 70,000 Naira

Duration: 1 Month


Web Design

This course takes you on the part to becoming an expert web designer. No matter how little experience or technical knowledge you currently have. By the end of this course you would be able to describe the structure and functionality of the World Wide Web, create dynamic web pages using a combination on HTML, CSS, and Javascript, apply essential programming language concepts when creating HTML forms, select an appropriate web hosting service and publish your site for the world to see. Finally, you would be able to develop a working model for creating your own personal or business websites.

Price: ---

Duration: ---


Interior Decoration

This course will cover space creation, space planning and creating environments for living and working. Interior decoration basics include; how to rearrange a room, how to analyze a room as professionals do, how to create a room, how to determine characters of hangings and furniture covering for a living room, Candlesticks, lamps fixtures for gas and electricity and shades, treatment of dining room buffets and dressing tables, treatment of work tables etc.

Price: 100,000 Naira

Duration: 3 Month


Graphics Design

Graphics design shapes the visual and social culture. Graphics design students display a passion for print and web design, package design, typography, motion graphics, photography and illustration. Students will develop the ability to visualize and express concepts based on the client's needs. This requires creativity and imagination while meeting tight deadlines.

Price: 60,000 Naira

Duration: 2 Weeks