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In this Course, students familiarize themselves with basic camera and lighting techniques. Students learn about film and digital cameras, the history of photography, and the basic principles of photography. Lighting, software, equipment, camera functions and conceptualizing an image are also covered. Major topics to be addressed include the following; Portfolio creation, Lighting and design, digital and analog camera, Photoshop and photography marketing.

Price: 70,000 Naira

Duration: 2 Weeks



This beginner animation course exposes students to the range of traditional and digital techniques used in stop-motion, Claymation, 2D or 3D computer animation. Students learn basic theory and mechanics behind animation develop observational and drawing skills and study the fundamental principles of character design, layout and storyboarding. Other concepts to learn include; Image editing and manipulation, special effects, animation for the web, Modeling etc.

Price: 90,000 Naira

Duration: 1 Month



This course gives students the background they need in video equipment operation and filming styles to start a video production program. Students are introduced to essential production elements, such as videography, lighting, audio and track editing concepts. Here are a few examples of ideas and concepts that students in videography courses can expect; Visual aesthetics, Industry equipment, shooting and editing, pre and post production and onset behavior.

Price: 100,000 Naira

Duration: 1 Month


Video Production

Video production is basically the entire process of creating a video. Understanding the role of the modern video producer will help you recognize if you have the skills and the mindset to take on the job. Topics include scripting and storyboarding, scheduling, running a set, paying your crew and mastering. This course will teach you all you need to know to structure and produce a film from conception to distribution.

Price: ---

Duration: ---