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staircase construction

Formwork Carpentry

Formwork/Carpentry is something that will always be demand for and been qualified, you will never be short of work. There are now many different kinds of carpentry, new materials and whole host of arears that you could specialize in. Get to know the fundamentals of carpentry, furniture restoration and upholstery during this Carpentry and Formwork Essential course from Decke Academy. You’re guaranteed work upon successful completion of the course.
Civic engineering works

Bar Bending

Decke Academy offer a certificate program aims at sensitizing learners to the expectations and standards of construction sector. The program introduces learners to the theory and practical aspects of bar bending skills. Through field visits, hands on training experience, practical skill demonstration and skill building practical activities. Successful completion of this course will provide the students with the competencies required to excel in any construction company.
Learning how to lay blocks


This course introduces concepts of concrete, stone, block and brick construction. Students learn masonry theory and practice, hands-on techniques for working with masonry tools such as levels, trowels, jointers and power tools. Beginner brick masons learn to select, mix and spread mortar. Instruction emphasizes tool and construction site safety. Some main concepts to learn include; Building codes, Ornamental bricklaying, construction foundations etc.
wiring and testing

Electrical Engineering

Decke academy prides itself with always producing the very best of electricians that have significant positive impact in various relevant industries. As a student with us, you will learn the basic concepts such as electrical safety, principles of AC/DC electricity, National electric code, Cable and wiring and more… We will take you step by step through the journey of developing yourself to becoming a qualified electrician.
plumbing connectors


Plumbing involves the usage of apparatuses such as pipes and fixtures in the distribution and use of water in a building. This course will give students the necessary skills to fix faulty plumbing pipes, channel and install plumbing pipes appropriately in buildings and a lot more. Students who choose to learn this exciting and unique skill will have the advantage of being able to choose to work as private contractors or with a company as an employee. Our course gives you the total package you need to be a commercially successful plumber.