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Catfish farming

Fish Farming

Also known as pisciculture. Fish is the cheapest form of animal protein and the most widely accepted animal product in Africa. The course teaches you concepts such as integrated fish farming, disease control, pond culture systems and adequate nutrition. The goal of this course is to empower students with all they need to know to run a successful fish farm. We urge you to join us on this exciting and challenging journey on becoming a successful fish farmer
livestock farming

Livestock Farming

This is one of the most sustainable means of food production in Nigeria. Despite its high rate of profitability, starting or maintaining a livestock farm can be challenging which explains why only a few people venture into it and actually succeed. Livestock is always in high demand because of its milk, eggs, fur, leather and wool. In this course we will teach you about topics such as livestock, agriculture, grassland, soil, water and manure.  It is an intensive 4 week program designed for people who want to be farmers in livestock.
Mushroom farming

Mushroom Farming

This course is designed for those who want to learn more about the amazing power of mushroom. Forest mushroom cultivation is an emerging niche with potential to improve farmer stewardship of forests while offering a unique and highly desired product. Learn the background, techniques and economics of small outdoor (forest grown) commercial mushroom production. In terms of cost and time, mushroom farming is a  low risk business with significant profit potential.
Livestock farming

Poultry Farming

This is the rearing of birds like chickens and turkeys for the purpose of producing its meat and eggs for food. Despite the enormous amount of people who deal in poultry farming in the country, only a small amount can sustain the business over time. There are several opportunities in poultry farming as the demand for chicken, turkeys and even guinea fowls is very high … all year round. Our extensive research has enabled us to develop and design a course that would train you on how to run a successful poultry farm. If you are considering learning poultry farming we believe that taking this course will help you achieve your goals.


Horticulture can be defined as the cultivation, processing, and sales of fruits, nuts, vegetables, ornamental plants and flowers as well as many additional services. Horticulturists apply their knowledge, skills, and technologies used to grow intensively produced plants for human food and non-food uses and for personal or social needs. It is a perfect course for individuals who love gardening, enjoy working outdoors, and want to put their management, design, planning, science, and technical skills to good use. At Decke Academy we introduce to you a comprehensive horticulture course that endows you with the skills necessary to be successful in this field.
White beans

Entrepreneurship In Agriculture (Agropreneurship)

Asides the practice of agriculture, there is a different perspective which is the business side of the sector. Agricultural business deals with the management, marketing, and financing of food and fiber, from the field to the table. Its branches are producers, Agricultural input firms and Agricultural output firms. Our course is designed essentially for students who want to become sustainable entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector


This course provides an understanding of modern technology and its applications to growing plants. Hydroponics is an ecofriendly way of producing horticulture crops, efficiently with low environmental impact; maximum water efficiency and great business potential. Students develop an excellent foundation for working in hydroponics whether their own business or elsewhere, or a farm, hydroponics supply business or as a consultant. It offers a wide ranging opportunities for business and career. This is an intensive and high tech way of growing flowers, fruit, vegetables and other crops.