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Decke Academy is an organization that provides excellent services to trainees and trainers, employers and employees, and also offer corporate SME training to government and private sectors across an array of departments to meet the needs of today’s workplace. We are an International leader in technical and creative skills development. We operate a registered professional vocational training centre, empowering individuals with the relevant skill set needed for immediate employment or for a career change. Our certifications and trainees are invaluable as they are needed for career advancement in their respective fields. We are your perfect skills development partner.
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to Empower and add Value to Young Adults in Africa with the relevant skills set that benefit their lives directly either for immediate Employment, Start-up Business or for a career change.

Our Vision

To prepare each Individual with skills needed for his or her career advancement or employment opportunities. To provide a standard environment where young entrepreneurs build confidence as they rise to the challenge of developing new skills and setting out to conquer their business world.

Our Global Partners

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